Here Is What Chinese New Year Has In Store For Gold

Kitco News - Feb 18 2018 2:15PM

Kitco News Weekly Outlook: How Gold Prices Got Their Groove Back - Hint, It's The U.S. Dollar

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 1:00PM

Billion Dollar Diamond Fraud Case Puts India's State Banks In Focus

Reuters - Feb 18 2018 2:40PM

The Year of the Dog Begins and Gold Gains 3% On the Week

Kitco Commentary - Feb 16 2018 5:50PM

Mining Sector Comes Down With Olympic Fever

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 3:50PM

U.S. Charges Russians With 2016 U.S. Election Tampering To boost Trump

Reuters - Feb 18 2018 2:36PM

Kitco News Gold Survey: Wall St. Returns To Bullish Short-Term Price View

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 11:24AM

RERUN: Before It Was Crazy, Now "Absurd" Not To Be In Gold Says Amir Adnani

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 10:51AM

Gold Prices Slip A Bit As U.S. Dollar Index Rebounds

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 9:43AM

Can Gold and Silver Reduce the Risks of Higher Inflation? - Feb 16 2018 10:46AM

Kitco News Gold, Silver Coverage At PDAC 2018

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FOREX-Dollar finds traction after steep fall, holds above 3-yr lows

Reuters - Feb 18 2018 7:07PM

Gold Stocks Have Some Serious Catching Up To Do

Kitco Commentary - Feb 16 2018 9:40AM

Stock Volatility: Back With A Bang And Here To Stay

Reuters - Feb 18 2018 2:31PM

IMF Chief Says 'Why Not?' To European Monetary Fund Plan: Paper

Reuters - Feb 18 2018 2:27PM

Gold Consolidates As Chinese Lunar New Year Begins

Kitco Commentary - Feb 16 2018 8:09AM

Equity Rally Continues; Gold Fails To Break Out

Kitco Commentary - Feb 16 2018 8:42AM

Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert - Prices Push Above $10,000 - Feb 16

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 7:57AM

South Africa government, mining group agree to postpone court challenge

Reuters - Feb 18 2018 11:34AM

Brio Gold Agrees To Increased Offer from Leagold

Kitco News - Feb 16 2018 9:35AM

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